DanceSport Photography by Alexander Rowan | Individual Photography

From first time dancers to World Champions, we capture the moments that matter most for DanceSport competitors. Our goal with personal photography is to offer a wide range of flexible, adaptable services; all designed to provide you with timeless memories at selects events throughout the world.

Here's how it works:

  • You have the choice from a few packages: Standard, Premium, & Luxury.
  • All packages include transportation, food, ticket entry, lodging, photo processing fees AND the photo services.
  • Photographs in all packages include action shots from dancing, social photographs, portraits with your partner, and anything else that may interest you. 
  • All reservations are subject to cancelation if enough people do not sign up for any given event. We cannot attend as a personal photographer for one dancer alone, but rather a small group that all chips in to make extraordinary photographs possible and affordable for everyone.
  • Costs can vary significantly depending on the competition / event.


After browsing through some of this information Contact us with a quick message and let us know you're interested. Our pursuit of being the perfect personal photographer starts with a personal relationship, and if in the end you're not completely satisfied with our work you'll get your money back.

Hiring us before the event starts offers a number of benefits: 

1) We record your heat numbers and any other relevant times to ensure we're there to photograph the desired party (All services are offered on a first come first serve basis, with very limited availability). 

2) We provide discounts, special packages, and a cheaper price list for customers that take the time to plan ahead (it makes our life easier, too!).

3) You can have the peace of mind that you'll not only have photos, you'll have lots to browse at your convenience (In your own private gallery we set up ahead of time).

We offer better service, better prices, and better photographs, period. Every service we offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee.