DanceSport Photography by Alexander Rowan | Event Photography

Vending - Beginning in 2014, DanceSport Photography will begin offering vending services to competitions throughout North America. Our photographers will provide an unprecedented array of quality, organized photographs throughout the entire event, and our vending team will offer a range of innovative products and services geared towards satisfying needs and interests of participants and event organizers alike. Innovative services will include:

  • Complete event coverage, with multiple trained professionals photographing at all times to ensure superior quality.
  • Highly organized photos, so searching is a thing of the past. Simply click a dancers' name and their photos will appear.
  • New technology, and custom applications for IPADs making viewing and selecting images effortless and enjoyable.
  • Photoshoot opportunities with guest photographers including Vogue, Miss USA, and other leading world-renowned photographers (at select events).
  • A wide selection of Fine Art, including DanceSport's leading couples, abstract designs, and studio decor.
  • And much more... 

DSP Vending ServicesReady for the next generation of DanceSport Photography?

Promotional Services to Event Organizers - Every event needs media to inspire and reach new audiences across the country. Our mission is to capture the uniqueness of your event and provide photo media so you can market, promote, and grow your event in  years to come. For every event we will provide the following promotional media:

  • Facebook & Social Media Promotions during the event, after the event, and throughout the year to generate consistent and effective buzz. 
  • Custom Tabletop Memorabilia Albums that both highlight and preserve the finest moments & memories of your event experience.
  • Inspirational event highlight video trailers to generate a viral promotion & inspire new audiences to attend future events.  
  • Behind the scenes coverage including facility photographs, any interior designs, after parties, special performances, setup, vendor spaces, etc. to be used for planning and other purposes at the discretion of event organizer.


Innovation - We provide unparalleled services when hired to photograph an event:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - All images are embedded with keyword information so that your event cultivates presence on the internet. When you "Google" your event or DanceSport events at large, don't you want it to be at the top of the list? After years of building websites and serving a variety of clients, we've mastered the art in helping you put yourself on the virtual map. This is perhaps the most significant service included, and one that no other photography business in the industry currently provides.

We adapt our promotional media and photography services to the specific needs and interests of organizers we work with. From a business standpoint, our goal is generate as much income as possible for every event organizer, while at the same time creating the most meaningful experience for event participants so they want to come back each and every year. Our continued mission is to raise the bar for photography vending and services in the DanceSport industry, and contribute in any way that we can to our industries overall growth throughout the world. 

For inquiries, questions, and requests, please contact us.